roll out chatbot that provides easy access to final four game records and highlights

The EuroLeague Final Four ChatBot pays homage to the history of Europe’s premier basketball competition by making records, results, statistics, news and video highlights from the EuroLeague Final Four accessible to everyone.

As of Saturday, May 13, 2017, the new ChatBot is available to all fans of the game and can be accessed through Facebook Messenger. The ChatBot allows fans to communicate directly with the EuroLeague in real time in a natural manner. The ChatBot uses Artificial Intelligence technologies, including natural language understanding and machine learning, which is the same technology that drives cutting-edge applications like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. This means that fans can talk to the bot just as they would chat with a friend.

Euroleague Basketball partnered with baresquare in the development of the ChatBot. baresquare used a prototype solution for conversational analytics that has grown from the company’s big data projects for clients like Sony. The technology enables fans to access game stats, highlights and more by phrasing questions in plain English. In the future, this could be used for complicated computations in major international businesses. It has the ability to generate answers that would have otherwise required a timely process for an analyst to get the raw data and make complicated calculations.

The technology allows the bot to offer dynamic chat features alongside a robust menu of options, thereby delivering a more complex and complete conversation than many other bots that rely on predetermined responses. This is a fresh approach to Information UX; a key framework provided by baresquare, and optimized by EuroLeague for creating the ChatBot’s “character” and targeting a sports audience.

“Each year during the Final Four, we debut a range of technologies to give fans unique experiences and a new perspective on the game,” Alex Ferrer Kristjansson, Euroleague Basketball’s Brand & Communication Director, said. “This year will be no different and the Facebook Messenger ChatBot allows us to connect with fans and communicate with them in a really natural, conversational way as the excitement for the Final Four builds.”

The ChatBot can also support league partners through polling and fan research capabilities. Furthermore, the Messenger platform offers a unique environment for sponsorship activation and a seamless experience for fans already active on the platform during games.

Baresquare Founder and CEO, Georgios Grigoriadis, added. “Many of us admire people with strong memories of sports records and game stats. But only a very small group of people can remember and make the necessary calculations like a sports analyst. With our conversational analytics software solution, starting today, we are enabling fans to access EuroLeague’s archive of statistics. We’ll keep on applying our conversational analytics prototype — constantly bringing improved capabilities — until every EuroLeague user without analytical or memory superpowers can experience instant access to an array of complex sports stats.”

The EuroLeague’s Final Four ChatBot is available here:


baresquare works with companies that utilize enterprise-size datasets, providing tools that enable them to converse with big data and transform it into comprehensible, actionable information written in plain English. It specializes in Data readiness, Machine Intelligence, Action automation and Information UX.


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