solutions / intro

profound return on analytics investment

our analytics solutions deliver the automation you’ve been expecting from big data

you can now spend your time on using data, not prepping data

solutions / intro 2

there are great analytics technologies out there

the problem is that somehow they don’t integrate well with your team

and are not designed to integrate well with each other

solutions / intro 3

big data clerks

at the end, enterprises end up with data analysts that do lots of manual work to prep big data

instead of receiving automated insights and focusing their energy on business optimization

AI solutions

our solutions are powered by AI

we combine proprietary AI software with human supervision and deliver profound results:

90% faster analytics operations

24/7/365 monitoring across 180+ countries

x5 identification and resolution of campaign performance issues


analytics software that turns millions rows of data into a single line of action, in plain English

no graphs, no pie charts, no data analysts required

digital optimization for:

  • traffic acquisition
  • site performance
  • user experience
  • funnel conversion
  • content usage


collaboration software that is optimized to keep track of the progress of analytics items

next to keeping all the collective knowledge of analytics in one place, it’s developed in such a way that enables Machine Learning

constantly making diagnostics smarter, more accurate, and customized to your organization

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analytics has now a new dimension: making data a new touch point to drive user engagement and CRM enrichment

by using Natural Language Understanding, our chatbot technology stack can interpret user questions into data queries, and respond back stats in plain English

it’s intuitive, fun, and engaging like never before

25% subscription rate to corporate communications

33% response rate on profiling questions

dr. hoops

Euroleague Basketball partnered with baresquare in the development of the Dr.Hoops; a prototype solution for conversational analytics grown from big data projects

the technology enables fans to access game stats, highlights and more by phrasing questions in plain English, with the ability to generate answers that would have otherwise required a timely process for an analyst to get the raw data and make complicated calculations

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brilliant basics

get up and start running with analytics

cutting edge AI solutions require that all analytics fundamentals are in place and working flawlessly

we keep supporting organizations by implementing one or more of the analytics brilliant basics: data readiness, dashboard automation, deep dive analysis

we also keep the same attributes that enabled us having 100% retention on our client-base for our services: attention to detail, customer intimacy, being platform agnostic

data readiness

having properly collected data is the first step before driving any decision making based on analytics

managers, operations, and analytics professionals put their reputation on the line when taking decisions based on data

we make sure your data is accurate and ready to be used, adapting to your team’s needs to give you what’s missing internally

tag audit, data layer, tagging, tag management, QA, and cross-device visitor stitching are some of our data readiness services

for any dataset we are responsible for we are prepared to put our reputation on the line


be it for management reporting, monitoring KPIs, or even making sure that AI automation takes rational decisions, data visualization is still relevant

we can help you establish your dashboard automation with DOMO, Tableau, Klipfolio, etc

or set up custom online dashboards free from user license costs

Hint: most of the reporting requests we get are still for Microsoft Excel, so if your team hasn’t changed to online dashboards, don’t worry, you are among friends, we’ll support Excel reporting for as long as you like

deep dive analysis

deep dive analysis is the secret sauce of analytics, a combination of experience in statistics, business understanding, and intuition

we use a combination of data exploration tools and statistical algorithms to conclude on the most precise answer that data tells

depending on the final audience, our deliverables vary from infographics to expert reports in the format of academic papers

our output is often used for defining business strategies, and evaluating the performance of these strategies once they’re moved to execution